Wanadoo Woodcraft and Beekeeping Products - Picture Frames and Other Wooden Products, Beehives and African Art
The Erasmus family create beautiful natural hardwood products and beehives in harmony with nature.


Stunning Accommodation In A Beautiful Setting
Woodcraft And Beekeeping Products
  - In Harmony With Nature -

Just outside George in the Western Cape, hidden away at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains  lies the farm Tarentaalbos.  The farm is within 12km of George, George Airport, the beach and Fancourt Golf Estate.  On this beautiful farm the Erasmus family have created a luxury cottage and a second flat, where families can enjoy a restful holiday.

 Wanadoo Garden The Cottage at night
 Tarentaalbos Gardens
Tarentaalbos Cottage and Flat

On the farm the Erasmus family create beautiful natural wooden products from ‘old wood’ - hardwood reclaimed from old buildings, old furniture and offcuts.  They also create softwood products from SA Pine sourced from approved mills and merchants.  Paul and Dylan are committed to conservation of the environment and use only recycled hardwood or replaceable softwood.  Rather than burn invasive trees such as the Australian Black Wattle, they seek ways to use the wood.

 Wanadoo Paint case father and son
Artists Box
Paul and Dylan Erasmus

The hardwood products that Wanadoo create include:

•    Picture frames (standard or custom)
•    Artists easel and box
•    Wooden signs
•    Cabinets and boxes
•    Lightboxes
•    Bathroom accessories
•    Restaurant signs, menu boxes, condiment boxes
•    Custom made products
•    Chess Boards and Sets
•    CD Storage Racks
•    Bird House's and Feeders

Being avid beekeepers, Paul and Dylan make beehives, which are sold complete or as components.  These are manufactured from SA Pine and are manufactured with care and love.

Wanadoo BeehiveBeeHive

Through their association with many artists, Paul and Dylan have a number of art works that they have agreed to market as ‘Artists on the Internet’, where they showcase the artworks for a small commission.

Artists on the internet   Artists on the internet

Wanadoo is committed to conservation of the environment and to supporting various initiatives that are in line with their beliefs.  The Wanadoo ethos ‘In Harmony with Nature’ is enshrined in everything they do.


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